by: Tim Soret

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The Last Night reveal trailer at E3 2017

We are thrilled to finally reveal The Last Night at E3, showcasing our revolutionary 2.5D filmic visual style mixing high resolution pixel art & state of the art lighting.

On Raw Fury channel - 1.5M views - 99% likes

On Xbox channel - 1M views - 99% likes

And the original video files

If you’re a content creator, feel free to use them.

[2160p - 336MB] thelastnight_E32017_trailer_stereo_4K.mp4
[1080p - 135MB] thelastnight_E32017_trailer_stereo_1080p.mp4

Making Of

Later in 2017, we produced a making-of explaining how we made this trailer for IGN.

We hope you enjoyed this reveal. The success of this trailer confirmed your love for our vision & the viability of this project. Empowered by our support, we’re now going for the full vision rather than a small indie game. We’re confident that with a larger team, more time & funding, we can make a legendary game.

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Trailer Credits

Tim Soret

Adrien Soret

Yann Poyac

Cezary Łuczyński


Joe Kataldo

Matias Arturo Pan

Thomas Lean

Ivano Palmentieri

Roland Smedberg

by: Tim Soret

Category: Press Releases
Topic: The Last Night


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