Our first game

Directed by

Tim Soret

Written by

Peter O'Toole

Music by


Art direction and original idea by

Tim Soret


Adrien Soret

E3 2017 trailer

The reveal that changed everything for us.


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The Making Of

From game jam winner to the biggest stage in the gaming world at E3.


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Launch platforms

Xbox Steam

Release date

To create something so unique & special, we're taking the time to experiment, fail, learn, and grow as creators and as a team.

We'll let you know when The Last Night is ready.

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The prototype

Discover how everything started.

3 min of gameplay, for free, in your browser.
The Last Night • 2014 cyberpunkjam

The Last Night was originally a small flash game made in 6 days for a gamejam.
After winning out of 265 entries, we decided to make The Last Night a real game.

The studio

A gorgeous office Right in the core of London.